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The NEW range of Titleist 915 Materials shows that Titlest groups are not just developed for the better player. The 915 metalwoods are all longer, straighter and more flexible than types, making them an option for a variety of difficulties. The 915 motorists have implementedtwo new technological innovation to aid in this pursuit.

First was the coming of their ARC (active recoil channel) technology; ARC is a extensive only route that allows the reduced part of the experience to pack, increasing football prices and decreasing rotate for highest possible range. Second is the addition of their Radial Rate Face; a high-speed experience place with a dense middle and radially slim border in the heel and toe, providing more range on off-center strikes.

Their 915 fairway metals and compounds also feature ARC technological innovation along with new experience materials (465 stainless-steel in the fairways and 455 stainless-steel in the hybrids) creating increased football prices across the whole experience. This mixture provides highest possible absolution on miss-hits while still providing efficient range through great football prices and managed rotate prices.

The whole Titleist 915 range still features the SureFit Trip hosel as seen in the 910 and 913 products which allows for perfection suitable and fine adjusting for all skill sets.

Titleist 915 motorists are still available in D3 and D2 designs. The 915 D3 runs on the 440cc go for flight management and a further experience which makes reduced rotate prices and great workability. 915 D2 is a 460cc go and is internal calculated for better experience closing at impact.

The D2 is the most flexible and a little bit greater rotating for highest possible management and playability. Both designs have an very great MOI (moment of inertia) for more range more often. This is obtained by reducing the width of the top up front so the weight can be tactically placed in the back, allowing for a low and deep CG (center of gravity).The low CG and great MOI design provides nice football prices and significant absolution.

As always, Titleist aims to make the greatest looking and best feeling equipment on the market. With 915’s wrong information, rich appearance and sound developed from the greater standard of sound technological innovation, I believe they hit the fingernail on the go and will be desired by players of all stages.

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