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We lately finished our preliminary efficiency examining of the new Titleist 915 car owner, this examining was finished outside on the variety at The Pines, Haven Cove. Testing circumstances were relaxed with a minor wind off the right. The examining was finished using Trackman and Titleist ProV1 X PLUS paintballs.

The process was simple and the same applied in all of our accessories at Awesome Groups, guideline examining of the present car owner was finished. This was a Titleist 913 D3 9.5 level (B2) and a UST Attas 3 60 g (TX) and then originally examining of both the new 915 D2 and D3 car owner with the same base.
Our objective was then to filter down the search, first of all the go and then the maximum base, we shifted fairly easily towards the 915 D3 9.5 level go, in this case the 915 D2 creatively seemed odd and ballistically wasn’t the response for this gamer, too much rotate and powerful loft space was a problem. For this gamer we reached a Graphite Style Trip AD DI 5 as being the maximum base for the go.
Our first respond to the new car owner go was the distinction in audio, the 915 car owner definitely has a more strong audio to the attack, creatively at deal with we think that the 915 D3 has more of the conventional Titleist look whereas the 915 D2 looks considerably different to the past design.
We saw certain developments in team go rate, which to us reveals an enhancement in the the rules of aerodynamics of the team go. The rotate rate of the 915 D3 car owner go is reduced than the 913 D3 by around 300rpm-500rpm.
The greatest query requested of Titleist with this new 915 product is will we see greater beat factor? Break Aspect is a technological phrase which indicates the exchange of team rate to football rate. So far we haven’t seen this, we did see a rise in team rate and football rate did go up but on this event not enough. There were variety benefits but there could be greater benefits if the football was coming off the experience quicker comparative to the team go rate being designed.
Improved team go rate.
Reduced rotate.
Increased variety of bring 10m

Increased team go rate does not convert into football rate as much as predicted.

The 915 D3 seems to be an transformative step for Titleist rather than a innovative modify to the efficiency of their car owner. Only time will tell whether this go matches more move information than the 913 but we are getting excited about having it available for addition in our car owner suitable inventory soon.
Following are the Trackman results acquired from the evaluation. The chart reveals the improve in rate and comparative loss of rotate designed between the Titleist 913 D3 and the Titleist 915 D3 9.5*. Overall variety improve are also seen in regards to both products.
Once optimized we can see that the new Titliest 915 car owner is shifting quicker, rotating less and holding further than the past design.