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New Titleist 915 motorists, designed for range without bargain, are developed using trademarked Effective Recoil Channel™ technological innovation to generate reduced rotate and faster for more range – without compromising absolution.

Available in tennis stores globally starting Nov. 14, new Titleist 915D2 and 915D3 motorists advantage serious golf players of all move rates of speed by providing highest possible range while keeping a higher MOI for remarkable absolution. The enhanced efficiency of Titleist 915 motorists, underlining the Titleist Golf Team R&D team’s car owner style technique of “distance and absolution,” is caused by three key advancements:

• The exclusive Effective Recoil Route, a lengthy, extensive and strong only channel that definitely turns at impact and recoils to release the football off the experience with faster and reduced rotate.

• Radial Rate Face, a high-speed made experience place with a radially slimmer border in the high heel and toe, which performs with the Effective Recoil Route to improve football speed on off-center strikes.

• A accurate, high-MOI style with a low and strong middle of severity place that provides balance and absolution by protecting off-center football speed for more range, more often.

Those technological innovation, along with the suitable perfection of Titleist’s industry-leading SureFit Trip hosel and tour-validated looks, audio and feel, make for the most finish, reliable car owner efficiency in the experience.
“The new 915 motorists are a game-changer for us,” said Dan Rock, Vice Chief executive of Research and Growth, Titleist Golf Groups. “We’ve enhanced speed and reduced rotate without compromising MOI or absolution – and we’re the first to get that mixture right.

“The Effective Recoil Route is a significant technological jump in the area of rotate decrease. In gamer examining, we’ve seen important range benefits, up to 15 metres for gamers who need rotate control.

“We started integrating Effective Recoil Route in the model stage about four years ago, but this kind of technological innovation needs a lot of fine-tuning if you’re going to do something that’s different, in contrast to making a aesthetic or marketing change. By including important technological innovation for speed and rotate without compromising MOI, we think we’ve done something very unique that nobody’s done to this factor.”

The 915D2 car owner is a 460cc full-pear formed go developed for highest possible absolution and a minor attract prejudice. The 915D3 functions a 440cc pear form that is flexible and usable, and provides 250rpm less rotate than 915D2 to generate a reduced optimum velocity. Both designs release just like their past creation Titleist 913 designs.

LOWER SPIN, HIGHER SPEED THROUGH NEW ACTIVE RECOIL CHANNEL: The new Effective Recoil Route – a lengthy, extensive, strong channel, placed along the only of the club go, close to the innovative – provides more range by definitely bending at impact to release the football with reduced rotate and faster.

The Effective Recoil Route (ARC™) allows the whole clubface, both top and only, to deflect at impact for high-speed. (Clubs without ARC technological innovation have a more firm only and deflect mostly in the experience and top at impact leading to less speed and rotate.)

“With the Effective Recoil Route, the football is contracting in a different way and doesn’t have the opportunity to collect as much spinning energy so it leaves the club experience with less rotate,” Rock said. “It also makes a higher recoil impact, which imparts more speed, particularly low on the experience.”

The efficiency of the Effective Recoil Route is optimized by its effective, exclusive development. Comparative to aggressive motorists with port technological innovation, ARC is broader, further and more time, extending across the whole only from high heel to toe.
Distance Without Compromise: Titleist Introduces New 915 Drivers